flipping through the “news”



  • FOX: Fiscal Cliff Press Conferences
  • CNN: Patreus scandal
  • HLN: “Saving for kids’ future on a budget” and something called “black in america” about harlem churches as a “booming new business”
  • msnbc: Discussion on why Obama has a “Mandate” from the Middle Class to raise taxes

 Seriously, what the fuck.

Not a word on Gaza, not a word on the European General Strike.

Dude, FUCK the general strike.

Whiny bitches just want more government. Why the fuck are you, as a supposed anarchist, so gaga about that shit? They are using the word austerity non-ironically! Let go of your romantic concepts of workers and laborers shrugging off oppressive hierarchy and acknowledge it for what it is: statists demanding more statism.

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