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"It should be remembered by radicals that, if they wanted to, all workers could refuse to work for wages and instead form their own producers’ cooperatives and wait for years for their pay until the products are sold to the consumers; the fact that they do not do so, shows the enormous advantage of the capital investment, wage-paying system as a means of allowing workers to earn money far in advance of the sale of their products. Far from being exploitation of the workers, capital investment and the interest-profit system is an enormous boon to them and to all of society."

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Welcome to the Paradise of the Real


This is a tremendous essay, worth reading in its entirety.


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"Even more annoying than economically uninformed people making unfounded economic assertions are people who have a smidgen of exposure to economic jargon or economic models but inadequate knowledge and wisdom to apply that jargon and those models helpfully to reality."

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this looks familiar. what is it from?

this looks familiar. what is it from?

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"…Scarcely a year goes by but some economic fanatic, inwardly urging to ‘do good’, appears with a handful of followers and attempts to establish a commune. It is predictable that they will all fail sooner or later. Most will fail sooner. This is not the way of the world, nor is it within the nature of man."

Robert LeFevre, This Bread Is Mine (via eltigrechico)

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basic freedom 101


basic freedom 101

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Now You Know (Source)


Now You Know (Source)

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